What is the Podcast about?

The podcast covers a variety of topics. We discuss inspirational stories, controversial issues, truth behind headlines, and ways to make more money. We are your source to interpret the news and access to interviews to build you up to a better you.

Be sure to check out Season 1. Season 2 is coming soon!


We discuss the news and how it relates to you. There may be some truths that not everyone wants to talk about but we do.


Ever wonder how some of them got there? How they started? Get advice from people that walked down the path before you.

real estate

We talk about everything Real Estate. From how you can make more on your investment property to how you can start an investment property.

RISE UP with LadyBee Podcast

Betsy hosts professionals and experts who share their knowledge to help individuals evolve personally, professionally, or as business owners. With ever-changing technology and resources, we provide strategies and tools to transform you into your best self, covering personal development to entrepreneurship. Our aim is to enlighten as many people as possible on how to create the life they desire.

The RISE UP with LadyBee Podcast extends from LadyBee Connection, which offers comprehensive business development services to help small to midsize business owners grow their businesses. Visit our website to discover how we can assist you in growing or starting your business today. Remember, with the right mindset, resources, and work ethic, you can make your dreams a reality.

Explore, Discover, and R I S E UP to your Greatness!






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