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To be successful, one has to be one of three bees – the queen, the hardest working bee, or the bee that doesn’t fit in.” — Suzy Kassem

Meet Betsy

Betsy Dieujuste, an experienced entrepreneur and specialist in the group home profession, offers invaluable insights and support from her journey of overcoming adversity. Drawing from her background in navigating foster care, group homes, and incarceration, Betsy underwent personal development and emerged as a seasoned businesswoman. As the founder and owner of LadyBee Connection and Ways & Means Management Solutions, Betsy has empowered over 123 entrepreneurs to achieve 6-figure incomes through her first business in the group home industry. Her experiences led her to explore alternative funding resources, opportunities, strategies, and networks to sustain and grow her business. Leveraging this expertise, Betsy now shares her knowledge with other business owners, aspiring entrepreneurs, and real estate investors, helping them benefit from her journey and achieve their own success. Through her company, LadyBee Connection, Betsy provides tailored marketing and business funding services, leveraging her expertise as a business development strategist to guide entrepreneurs through every growth stage. With a focus on relapse prevention services and real estate solutions, Betsy’s ventures reflect her commitment to fostering personal and collective prosperity. Whether you’re seeking funding for your startup, looking to expand your marketing reach, or maximizing the cash flow of your real estate portfolio, Betsy’s comprehensive approach and unwavering dedication ensure that you have the resources and support needed to succeed.



“Achieving greatness is a never-ending journey of growth and improvement that ensures you stay at the top of your game.”

– Betsy Dieujuste

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Anything you want created, whether it is a business card or flyer to a huge sign outside your business, we can help.

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